Strategic Partners

When you need technology, security, networking, and/or communications, Marketsmart RGA has it all—in one place and ready to implement quickly.

Marketsmart RGA has worked hard to build strategic relationships that give you the tools to effectively run and grow your business.

If you need Smart Security On Demand … You need Trustwave

MarketSmart RGA and Trustwave deliver automated, sustainable and cost-effective data protection, risk management and threat intelligence to our customers—what we call SMART SECURITY ON DEMAND.

About Trustwave:
With more than three million enrollees, our TrustKeeper® platform is available in the cloud. We also offer industry-leading managed security services, award-winning technology products, as well as consulting, systems integration and other professional services. Many of our solutions are available across multiple delivery mechanisms, giving our customers flexibility as they design and implement their security infrastructure.
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Our Pricepoint for unlimited 24/7 Support with Data Card Backup …. under $135 a month .. Awesome


If you need the Power of Deterring …

You need Watchmen Security and Titan Protection

Watchmen Security /

Why you need Watchmen? For the Security System Equipment and Set-ups

Feature-Watchmen from Lucas Ingala on Vimeo.

We here at MarketSmart RGA and Watchmen Security Services truly want to give you an experience and peace of mind that you will come to appreciate for a lifetime. We are not just another security company. We are real people just like you.  When you are with our Watchmen Security Services, you can have the peace of mind knowing that your family or business is going to be protected exactly the same way we protect ours. We protect what matters!

If you are looking to better protect your home, what is most important to you and your family?
If you are looking to better protect your business, what is most important to you and your employees?

If you are looking to protect your industrial building, what can that look like for you?
Is it feeling safe when you lock your doors at night?
Is it being able to control your home or business from the palm of your hand?
Or is it the ability to save money on your utility bills? Or maybe it is being able to see when your kids (or employees) come and go?

With our company, all this and much more can become a reality for your family or business. The best products. The best service. And that peace of mind that money can’t buy. But at the end of the day, isn’t it really about your investments? Whether it is your kids, your property, or multiple business locations. Our mission is to protect those investments for you.

That is why at Watchmen Security Services what matters most to you, matters most to us. You can count on us.


Titan Protection /

Why you need Titan Protection? For the Security System Monitoring and Guard Services

Titan Protection 24/7 Video Surveillance

Don’t take a gamble with your commercial properties. Protect it with our remote video monitoring. Since 2008, we have combined surveillance technology with around-the-clock human observation giving our clients the ultimate solution for protecting their properties against threats.

You’ve worked hard for your business—now let us protect it. Have questions? Use the Quick Chat feature in the lower right-hand corner of the screen to speak with a representative.

Titan Protection Guard Services

At MarketSmart RGA with Titan, we believe in doing everything possible to deter criminal activity before it starts instead of just reacting to it. Our officers are attentive, alert and, perhaps most importantly, they are visible. The presence of a Titan officer and vehicle on your property are among the most effective tools in discouraging would-be criminals. When nothing happens, we have done our job.

Visibility is important, but so is preparation. Titan officers are highly skilled security experts who are ready and willing to go through the rigorous training and professional development that our company requires. All of our officers combine personal integrity with a committed approach to their work. That is reflected in their dedication to both our company and to yours. We give you 100 percent of our focus and effort all of the time.


If you need Communication with Convenience …

You need WS Communications /

MarketSmart RGA and our partner WS Communications is a Kenwood USA Authorized Distributor for ProTalk business radios and accessories. We cover an eleven state region that includes: Missouri, Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana and Texas.

Our knowledgeable staff is always ready to provide you with outstanding service and support in a professional, efficient and cordial manner. Orders can be processed quickly and accurately because we maintain a large inventory of Kenwood USA two-way radios and accessories.

You can trust that WS Communications will do everything we can to become your most reliable and valuable source for two-way radio products and information. Please contact us if you have any questions, would like to become a dealer of two-way radios or would like to purchase two-way radios.


If you need a digital payment specialist …

You need MerchantGuy /

MerchantGuy can help your business cut cost and manage your digital payment needs including Credit/Debit card processing, E-Checks, Accept Bitcoin for retail and online, GiftCard Programs, Unsecured business loans up to $500k.
Our account specialist with 10+ years in the electronic payment space will work directly with you to determine what you have today that is working and where you would like to go in the future to find the best fit for your business.
Get your free digital payment audit today and let us show you how MerchantGuy can help your business.