Google Home Users – Time to quit yelling out “Hey Google”

Hey Google, What's Going On With Android? - Joel Jerez - Medium

From Dale Smith / CNET
Hey, could I get a better wake word? The problem: “OK, Google” just feels awkward and clumsy to me, and “Hey, Google” is no better.

Don’t even get me started on my frustration with Google being the name of the device (Google Home Mini), the AI (Google Assistant), the technology that powers the AI (Google search and services) and the company that owns it all (Google).

The fix: Even though Google won’t let you choose a different wake word, you can manipulate Google Home’s imperfect ear by using similar-sounding words to summon Google Assistant. “Hey, Boo Boo” remains my go-to, but I’ve also used “OK, Frugal,” “Egg Noodle,” “Go Lay Doo-Doo” and my all-time favorite “Cocaine Poodle.”

From Cnet